Family Management

Richard D’AndreaRichard D’Andrea* — With a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry from St. Peter’s University, Richard started his manufacturing experience in the paints and coatings industry. For the past thirty years, he has used this knowledge to streamline the production process at Andrea Aromatics, Inc. From fabrication of manufacturing and safety equipment to development of production SOPs, Richard has optimized plant manufacturing resulting in an average turnaround time of twenty-four hours for most orders. Sailor, tinkerer, and father figure to all in the company, Richard D’Andrea is the heart and soul of Andrea Aromatics, Inc. *Richard is retired from the company.

Michael D’AndreaMichael D’Andrea — Classical musician by training with a Master’s Degree from Indiana University in Musicology, Michael brings the same artistic creativity to fragrance compositions as he does to musical movements. With over thirty years perfuming experience, Michael’s vast knowledge of both natural and synthetic fragrance materials is invaluable for the creation of custom fragrances tailored to meet many customer application needs and price points. An avid art and artifact collector in his spare time, Michael D’Andrea is truly a Renaissance Man.

Susan C. D’AndreaSusan C. D’Andrea, Ph.D. — Master’s in Science from the University of Pennsylvania, Doctorate in Chemistry from Seton Hall University, and MBA from the Lebow School of Business at Drexel University, Susan is a jack of all trades. She started her career in the Pharmaceutical industry and enjoyed a brief time in the academic arena, before joining Andrea Aromatics, Inc. in 2005. Dealing mainly with fragrance compliance, quality standards, compatibility testing and the analytical aspects of fragrance development, Susan brings her scientific expertise to the family owned fragrance house. Avid sailor, hiker, and explorer Susan C. D’Andrea’s fascination with the natural world strongly colors her fragrance pallet.

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