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At low concentrations, Andrea masking agents neutralize unpleasant odors in plastics and rubber compounds. At slightly higher use levels, a pleasant positive fragrance can be imparted. Any product can be improved at a minimum expense. Fragrances and deodorants are available in three forms: liquid, powdered, and bead in the following three grades: industrial, cosmetic, and food-contact grade.

Any fragrance and deodorant can be supplied in any of the three forms. We also offer a variety of specially formulated deodorants for neutralizing odors of: plasticizers, PVC resins, blowing agents, preservatives, various recycled rubber and plastics, natural latex, etc.

Liquid Fragrances and Deodorants

Concentrated perfume oils which may be incorporated directly into vinyl mixtures.

Typical applications include: toys, dolls, novelties, and solid air fresheners. Deodorization of film products include: shower curtains and liners, tablecloths, waterbeds and mattress covers, baby pants, liners, etc. Other products requiring “off odor” neutralization are: sporting goods, luggage, and automotive interiors.

Note: Liquid fragrances and deodorants are the most economical form since they contain 100% active ingredients. The liquid form can be made completely food grade.



Dry, free-flowing powders typically containing 56% concentrated fragrances or deodorants.

The carrier, an inorganic synthetic, amorphous silicate, disperses the fragrance/deodorant throughout the polymer.

This form is useful when liquid fragrances and deodorants are not compatible, when a deodorant is useful to calendering on to a finished film, or used to keep the film from sticking to itself as well as deodorizing it. Examples of this are: shower curtains, pool liners, garbage bags, mattress liners, water bed covers, ect. Since polypowders are suspended in the polymer matrix, they may opacify the final product to some extent. All polypowders are made to order and usually take two to three days to produce. There is a minimum order of 25 LBS. for all polypowder orders.



Dry beads of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate co-polymer of uniform size.

Beads are the preferred form when other forms present a problem of mixing and dispersing with palletized feed stock during processing. This form has the drawback of carrying the lowest load level of concentrated fragrance or deodorant.

Andrea polybeads usually contain 20% concentrated fragrance/ deodorant by weight. They can be used to incorporate fragrances or deodorants into other polymers where liquid or polypowder forms are not suitable. They can be supplied in cosmetic grade or food contact grade versions if desired. The fragrance use level may be reduced down to 5% if a less concentrated or lower-cost version is required. They may also be “dyed” a variety of colors.

Polybeads may be used “as is” for use in: air fresheners, potpourris, and environmental fragrancing applications. Natural essential oils or all-natural fragrance blends may also be used for specialized applications. These products are made up to order and usually require a minimum of three to five days to produce. There is a minimum order of 25 LBS. for each fragrance ordered.

Prices depend primarily on the cost of the fragrance and deodorant employed and the concentration used in the beads.

If the beads are used in extruded polymer applications, the softening point of the beads is about 88º - 110ºC. Polybeads are not recommended for use with styrene, K-resin, or polycarbonate systems.

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