leatherLeather Scents

After working for several years with different tanneries, we developed what many in our industry acknowledge to be the best leather scents on the market today.

Due to newer tanning methods, some leathers currently produced no longer have the desired "traditional" scent. The protective coating used on some leathers also impedes the natural leather aroma from migrating through the surface and instead, make the leather smell more like "plastic."

Our leather fragrances have been used by tanneries to increase and enhance the aroma of their quality leathers, as well as by manufacturers of synthetic leather to make their product more closely simulate the natural one. We offer our leather fragrances in several forms: liquid, powdered, and pelletized.

We do not recommend mixing the leather fragrance with protectant coatings since they may react and cause discoloration. A slight yellowing may develop which would be objectionable in leather products finished in lighter colors. Leather products finished in darker colors are not usually affected.

Leather fragrances are available in versions compatible for the following: Finishing Oil soluble, Alcohol and Glycol soluble, Water Dispersible, Mineral Spirit/ Petroleum Distillate soluble.

We have been supplying our leather fragrances to the industry for over twenty years. In that time, they have been used in both natural and artificial leathers and by several major auto manufacturers both foreign and domestic. They have also been used in scented advertising, consumer leather goods, furniture upholstery, toys and sporting goods.

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